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May 8, 2012

Chasing Omaha Regional Projections – 5/8/2012

NCAA Baseball

Every week, our co-founder and publisher, Craig Amick, will release his regional projections. These projections are a snap-shot of what the bracket might look like if it were released today based on the criteria that the NCAA Tournament Committee uses to build the field of 64 in June. These projections are not a prediction of what the bracket will look like in June, so every week we will get closer and closer to the final picture.

As we get closer to the end of the season, this projection will come at the beginning of the weeks, and multiple times in the final week.

The national seeds have a number next to them in parenthesis and the projected super regional matchups are side-by-side. Projected conference champions are in italics.

Please post any questions or comments below or send a tweet to Craig at @craigamick_co.


Last Four In: Washington, Michigan State, Stetson, Southeastern Louisiana

First Four Out:  Wichita State, Texas State, Tulane, Indiana State


A few notes this week:

1) St. John’s and Hawaii are taking two at-large spots away by leading their respective conferences. If Louisville and New Mexico State both win their conference tournaments, there are two more spots open in the field. Of course, bubble teams will also be rooting for Purdue, College of Charleston, Coastal Carolina, etc., to keep that bubble firm.

2) Right now the bubble consists of mostly mid-major schools. Don’t be surprised to see a major conference surprise (Oklahoma, for example) when the brackets are released. There very well could be a team in the 60′s in the RPI in the at-large field this year.

3) The national seeds are nearly set at this point. North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and Fullerton could potentially move in, but barring a major surprise, there’s no one else in line for a national seed.

4) Host spots are pretty solid, too. Mississippi, Stanford and Arizona are close, but no one else is really close at this point.


Talahassee Regional Fayetteville Regional
1 Florida State (1) 1 Arkansas
2 College of Charleston 2 Arizona
3 Stetson 3 Southeastern Louisiana
4 Jackson State 4 Oral Roberts
Columbia Regional Charlottesville Regional
1 South Carolina (8) 1 Virginia
2 Coastal Carolina 2 Mississippi
3 Wake Forest 3 Washington
4 USC-Upstate 4 Austin Peay
Los Angeles Regional Fullerton Regional
1 UCLA (4) 1 Cal State Fullerton
2 San Diego 2 Stanford
3 Maryland 3 Pepperdine
4 Hawaii 4 Cornell
Baton Rouge Regional College Station Regional
1 LSU (5) 1 Texas A&M
2 Missouri State 2 TCU
3 Virginia Tech 3 Mississippi State
4 Manhattan 4 St. John’s 
Waco Regional Houston Regional
1 Baylor (2) 1 Rice 
2 Dallas Baptist 2 Miami
3 Sam Houston State 3 Texas
4 Kent State 4 Stony Brook
Eugene Regional Chapel Hill Regional
1 Oregon (7) 1 North Carolina
2 New Mexico State 2 East Carolina
3 Gonzaga 3 UNC-Wilmington
4 Delaware State 4 Bryant
West Lafayette Regional Lexingon Regional
1 Purdue (6) 1 Kentucky
2 Oregon State 2 Clemson
3 Louisville 3 Michigan State
4 St. Louis 4 Wright State
Gainesville Regional Raleigh Regional
1 Florida (3) 1 NC State
2 Central Florida 2 Appalachian State
3 Georgia Tech 3 Georgia
4 Florida Atlantic 4 Army

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  1. Dan Ryan

    It will be interesting to see Vandy inserted into the Chapel Hill or West Lafayette regional.

    • Vandy still has work to do. RPI is okay, but overall record still will make it tough on the committee. I still think the SEC gets eight teams in, which means either Vandy or Auburn gets in.

  2. Keith Mateychick

    What about WSU RPI #42 & SOS #33 how do they not get in???

    • About to release this week’s and they’re in this week. RPI was lower last week. Also not convinced about the SOS numbers for the Missouri Valley. Not sure how the committee will feel about those.

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